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The Home Office of DUBAF is located in Guji, Ethiopia, an area that experiences high climatic variability and recurrent droughts. The frequency of droughts has been increasing, causing severe erosion of assets and chronic vulnerability to food insecurity for the pastoral and agrarian communities in the area. The region has also been marginalized in terms of education and infrastructure, with no rural girls completing high school before the establishment of DUBAF in 2002 and no all-weather road crossing the vast geographic area. Despite being rich in socio-cultural values, the community has been derogatorily labeled in the past.
DUBAF has been operating in various zones of Oromia, SNNP, and Gambella regional states for the past two decades and plans to expand its program interventions over the southern central part of the country, which includes the Borana lowlands, the southern Rift Valley depression, Bale highlands, and west Arsi zone in Oromia regional state. The organization aims to address the inequitable social and geographic marginalization of the area and improve the livelihoods of communities in the region.

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DUBAF is a humanitarian development organization operating in three regional states in Ethiopia, committed to improving the livelihoods of marginalized communities through sustainable projects.

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DUBAF's mission is to break the cycle of poverty and create lasting solutions for marginalized communities, while our vision is to promote unity and sustainable development for a better future.

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